How to clean your jewelry properly

You probably heard about several methods of cleaning pieces of jewelry. Some of them are true and they may work just fine, while some are not that recommended or may not pay the desired results. If you like wearing jewelry on an everyday basis, you should learn how to clean your jewelry right, so you can keep it in the best shape possible. The following recommendations will help you enjoy clean and bright jewelry, so you will be proud to wear them each time.

  1. Do not bathe with your jewelry on

It doesn’t matter if you’re going for a quick shower or for a bubbly bath, because you should take off your jewelry each time to clean yourself. This is due to the fact that the soap you use when washing your skin will form a thin film over your jewelry and give it a dull appearance. The film can be cleaned, but this will mean to clean and do maintenance to your jewelry more often than usual. Not wearing jewelry when bathing will keep this from happening and will help you save a lot of time.

  1. Polish your jewelry with special jewelry polishing cloths 

Not all cloths will deliver the same polish quality to your jewelry. For the best polishing results, it is highly recommended to use special polishing cloths for jewelry. Both gold and silver jewelry will look much better if you use a professional cloth to clean them. Of course, you can use a piece of old diaper or svelte, but the results are not as in the case of using an adequate cloth. Also, you should know that paper towels and tissues should never be used for cleaning and polishing your jewelry, because they can produce scratches on their surface, due to the fibers of such materials.

  1. Do the cleaning operations with a lot of care

Cleaning your jewelry is very important to keep the beautiful aspect of your accessories. From time to time, it would be great to clean the jewelry not just with a cloth, but also with cleaning solutions. If possible, it would be advisable to get cleaning solutions that are specially made for jewelry, which can be found at almost any jeweler in your area, or you can prepare an adequate solution at home. Alcohol, for instance, does wonders on your jewelry, if you gently rub it on. But bleach, on the other hand, can have a devastating effect, destroying your precious jewelry, so it should never be used.

  1. Warm water is the safest when cleaning your jewelry

If you want to clean your jewelry safely, warm water is more than suitable for this operation. Do have in mind that hot water is not that great, because it can react with the cleaning fluids you may use and can lead to the discoloration of your jewelry. Sterling silver is the most exposed to such actions. If this happens to you, use buffing to solve the problem and apply a tarnish remove to make the silver shiny again.

  1. The jewelry that is damaged should not be cleaned

Even if your intentions are good, you should not clean jewelry that is broken. Any cracks and other damages of your jewelry may end up being worse when handling your jewelry with the purpose of getting it clean. If you come across a jewelry that is damaged while cleaning the accessories you have, you should set is aside and not proceed to its cleaning. Before cleaning the damaged piece of jewelry, you should get it fixed first.

  1. Make sure to inspect your jewelry on a regular basis

Cleaning your jewelry, whether you do it yourself or have them cleaned by a professional is the best time to check them closely and look for any damages. Doing so may save you from a lot of trouble, because you will get to see any problems before being too severe. A sign of damaged observed in incipient phases is easier to solve and will help you enjoy gorgeous jewelry for years to come. Any physical damage or lose of gemstones can affect the look of your jewelry, so getting these fixed in a timely manner will prolong the life of your jewelry.